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Conversion optimization was the foremost priority during the development of this website, as it is a prevalent objective for numerous local businesses. The main aim was to construct a website that maximizes the conversion rate, effectively transforming a higher percentage of visitors into satisfied paying customers.

12% Conversion Rate

With an industry standard rate of 2.4%, we're thrilled to beat it by more than a remarkable 400% improvement, enabling us to secure bookings from 12 out of every 100 visitors to the website.

#1 on Google

Fine-tuning SEO factors has propelled us to claim the coveted #1 position on Google for the primary keyword. This strategic focus on search engine optimization has successfully elevated our online visibility and established us as a prominent presence in the highly competitive salon industry.

Record Breaking Traffic

The website has sparked a surge in traffic, around an 80% increase. This exponential growth in website visitors serves as a remarkable multiplier to the enhanced conversion rate, amplifying our success even further.

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